The beach of Alba Adriatica hosted the Friendship Cup 2020

Over two hundred athletes from all over Italy (seven regions and sixteen provinces represented by forty-three companies) and three foreign countries (despite the health difficulties of the period) met in Abruzzo to participate in a competition that was a great success with the public , thanks also to the impeccable local organization, coordinated by Zefferino Guidi and his staff. The overall victory went to the couple of FC Passoscuro formed by the Tunisian Jaber Younes and Fabrizio Scirè. The Tunisian athlete strongly wanted to participate in the race, since he interrupted his holidays in Tunisia, had to undergo a swab for Covid-19 and made the journey to Italy. An effort rewarded by the result.

Among the companies, the affirmation went to the Italian Naval League of Cupra Marittima, which preceded in order the Blue Marlin Roma Team Ggianty Colmic Surfcasting and the Fc Passoscuro Beach (Rome). «We hope to have satisfied everyone – said Guidi – and we wish to thank each of the clubs (in particular the foreigners, the women and the younger athletes) who have supported us. The smiles of the participants, the greetings, the comparisons before and after the race have embellished what we had set ourselves.

We tried to overcome every little unforeseen event and we rejoiced at the end of the competition, when the competitive spirit gave way to the spirit of aggregation, although partly conditioned by the restrictions imposed at this time. We are also very happy with the numerous catches (always with the catch and release system that obliges the fish to be thrown back into the sea after measurement), with 1592 specimens caught for a total of 32,485 centimeters ».


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